fish processing pt. permata marindo jaya

PT. Permata Marindo Jaya select fresh fish based on size and quality standards required by customer. Than fresh fish are packed carefully to maintain its pristine shape and cut. We keep fresh fish in stable temperature until processing. This technique is designed to inhibit the activity of bacteria and metabolic changes in the resulting decreased quality of the fish.

fish processing pt. permata marindo jaya

We provide some fresh fish, there are :
Fresh Tuna, Fresh tuna Loin, Swordfish steak, Swordfish loin, Wahoo steak, Tuna loin, Tuna cube, Marlin Steak, Marlin loin, Marlin Cube, Mahi-mahi, Oilfish Fillet, Oilfish Steak,

Treated Tuna Loin, Treated Saku, Treated Gound Meat, Treated Cube Cut, Treated Opah, Treated Steak.

fish processing type

We understand the importance of right technique to keep the taste and the nutritional value of products. It can be fulfill standard specifications to the market needs.

Freezing is the main method for preservation of fresh fish and other seafood products. However, this technique is effective if the product is handled properly so as keep quality and freshness.

We did some of the techniques of handling the products there are Fresh, Frozen Natural, Frozen Treated.

fish processing

fresh fish

PT. Permata Marindo Jaya offers various fresh fish species from the Indonesian sea waters, processed by our fish processing facilities and systems that run in accordance with national and international food safety regulation standards.

The synergy of our high standard facility, good processing system with our experienced staff enables us to process premium quality fish into the requested cut and size according to customer orders from various countries.

frozen fish

The quality and taste are an important aspects for fish presentation. Therefore, to maintain product quality, fish are kept in the clean and monitored coold room, in which the temperature is maintained consistently to maximize fish storage life span.

A constantly well maintained and monitored processes fish storage will result in good quality as well as well form cut product. We combined good frozen seafood product with great packaging design, to ensure that our products meet customer’s expectation.

fish processing
frozen treated

Our well experienced staff are dedicated to ensure that fish processing system meet with the national and international health food standards, by rigorously following the correct and proper strict guidelines and regulations :

  • Washing
         Fresh fish products are checked and washed carefully in clean and hygienic room to remove dirt and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Cutting
         The cutting process is done by experienced staff, who carefully cut in order to get the best cut shape with consistent size and proportion.
  • Weighing
         Fish cuts then weighed quickly, accurately and quality check by our competent and experienced staff. After that, fish cuts are packed carefully to maintain its pristine shape and cut.
  • Storage
         The final process is storage, all products are then carefully labeled, sorted packed according to the product type and categories.